'Over The Border'

'Over The Border'

This is a list of Planning Applications which do not lie within Trinity Ward, but which might be of interest to residents of the Ward. They have recently been determined by East Devon District Council Planning Department or West Dorset as applicable.

The date shown is the approximate date the application was received and validated. Click on the coloured text of the application you want to view in the list to see brief details of the application.

A link is provided for you to see the full details of the individual application within the East Devon District Council Planning website or that of West Dorset where applicable.

As these applications have been decided, it is not possible to add further comment.

***Extension*** Lyme Regis Golf Club Planning Application

The deadline for a contentious application for "landfill with inert material to facilitate improvements to golf driving range and practice area" currently being considered by Dorset County Council has been extended.

Whilst the application, ref PL\1540\13 (1/D/13/000972), lies within the West Dorset AONB, in terms of outlook it primarily potentially affects the East Devon AONB due to its location on the crest of the west facing slope of the valley. The prominent location within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty should, in my personal opinion, mean that such works would not be acceptable. I support the representation made by Uplyme Parish Council in August.

Click here for full details and to access planning documents...

Dorset County Council, in a letter to Smiths Gore of Blackbrook Business Taunton, formally requests agreement to an extension of time to cover the period 11th October to 30th November 2013. The say this "... sets a new deadline by which time I am hopeful that we will have made clear progress towards a decision..."

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